We are fully registered and accredited to provide therapeutic support and capacity building services to participants of the NDIS. This can be delivered either in our rooms or as home visits.

We have a special interest in prescribing rehabilitation programs to treat various neurological disorders such as strokes, ataxia, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injuries, brain tumours, spinal cord injuries, nerve lesions, dizziness and vestibular disorders. A thorough one-on-one assessment is taken, and then a series of exercises are implemented in consultation with the patient to address the movement disorders.

In addition to this, our expertise also allows us to concurrently address any musculoskeletal pain and disorders secondary to the neurological condition.

We have been active in the community for the last 6-7 years in running falls prevention programs via various NSW government-sponsored initiatives such as the “Stepping On” program. We have also worked closely with various non-government organisations such as ADSSI and Delphis to assist in implementing these programs. In addition to this, we are also experienced in designing and running rehabilitation programs in aged-care facilities for 15 years.